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Located in Gojo district, Kyoto.
One Japanese traditional house rental plan.
Accommodation realized an experience to live in Kyoto, Koto-an.

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Privacy Policy

Management and protection of Personal Date

l We store every customer’s personal date safely and protect date from any attack or damage such as fraud and leakage.
l When we sometimes relegate our task and customer’s personal date to outside for better service, we carefully choose where we relegate to, besides we strictly mange the customer’s privacy and keep date under the safety.
l If the customer would like us to stop releasing and collecting the privacy date, we will sort out following regular procedure.

With regard to release of personal date

For our policy we don’t basically release customer’s personal date without permission.

Exception to a release

We might need to release the customer’s date only in the case below:
1. When we have order from court, police, prosecutor and other institution.
2. When it’s impossible to be identified by third party.
3. When we have agreements with customers.
4. When it’s overt the customer inflict a loss on third party.
5. When we need to protect our properties.

With Regard to our System and Association

Customer’s personal date is under the management of Yuuri Asada and is continually improved upon.

Links outside

All the links on our page but managed outside is basically following different policy. So we do not guarantee and are not responsible for safety of your personal date used on the web page linking to ours. When using the web page outside, please look through its policy for your safety.

With regard to rule and other example

We obey the rule or guideline when using personal date.
If you have question about our policy, please contact to the number below.


Nagomi no wa
Address: 94 Kamiwakamiya-cho Wakamiya-dori Rokujo Nishi-iru Shimogyo-ku Kyotoctiy Kyoto
E-mail: office@nagomi-kyoto.com
Phone:+81 (0)75-342-2121 / FAX: +81 (0)75 354 8068

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