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Located in Gojo district, Kyoto.
One Japanese traditional house rental plan.
Accommodation realized an experience to live in Kyoto, Koto-an.

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We offer Japanese traditional service of

Kimono experience

You can try Kimonos with two options. For some good memories in Kyoto, why not enjoying Kimonos?
Option 1: take some photos with Kimonos around Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan Option 2: rent Kimonos for a day and go out.
Only taking photos Regular kimono 2,300yen/ person
Long-sleeved kimono 2,800 yen/person
Rental kimonos Regular kimono 6,000yen/ person
Long-sleeved kimono 7,500 yen/person .
  • 着物体験ギャラリー
  • 振袖体験ギャラリー

Tea experience

You can try to make Japanese tea yourself.
It is special service of us only in Japanese Ryokan.
Please enjoy traditional feeling through this ceremony.
Please ask us for the availability at check-in.
Tea ceremony only one person 2,800 yen
Over 2 people 2,500 yen/person
  • お茶体験ギャラリー
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  • 24h Online Booking
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