Machiya is a traditional wooden town-house typically seen in Kyoto. You can find many interesting aspects here which you can’t find in modern buildings. Especially Machiya in Kyoto called “Kyo-Machiya” is well known as an another name “eel bed” derives from its long narrow constructions. It usually has small Japanese garden middle of the house which the guests can enjoy viewing even from the inside of the building.

Zeniya-An is Kyo-Machiya rental house for those who visit historical city, Kyoto. We newly renovated an old Machiya into a cozy townhouse accommodation.
We all try to offer our guest good service for comforting their stay. Also, we would like them to feel tradition, elegance and taste of Kyoto in this Machiya style building.

Please enjoy every single aspect as a part of experience to stay in Machiya town house.

We all look forward to seeing you.

Kyoto Machiya accommodation

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