1. Because of feature of the wooden house, it is easier to hear a sound-travel. So please cooperatively be quiet.
  2. If you damage or break something, we occasionally ask you for compensation.

Do we have anything need to be aware of?

If you damage or break something, we occasionally ask you for compensation.
So we ask guest to use Zeniya-an quietly. If the guest is too noisy we may need to ask you to leave, so please be noted.
(We cannot refund you in this case)

Where can we check-in?

Please check-in at Roman-Kan nearby Zeniya- an.

Kyo-Yado – Roman-Kan
542 Wakamiya-cho Wakamiya-dori Rokujo sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 600-8314 Access
TEL. +81-75-342-6016 / FAX +81-75-354-8068

What time is check-in/Check-out?

Check-in 15:00-20:00, check-out -11:00

What should we do for the meal?

To preserve Kyo Machiya (Japanese traditional town house), we ask you for a favor not to omit loads of smoke (BBQ ect)
There are many restaurants around us where we can recommend you.
Please see “Around Zeniya-an” for details.

Is there convenience store nearby?

Yes, there is. Please see “Around Zeniya-an”.

Do we sleep on bed? or futons?

We prepare futons.

Can we bring our pets?

No pets allowed.

What is the rate for children?

Please check “Child rate”.

Can we smoke?

No smoking in the building. Please smoke only at smoking area outside the building.

Is there a lock for the room?

Yes, there is lock on each bed room door and entrance door.

Do you provide cleaning service?

Basically cleaning is not included in service in case of a rental plan. We could clean your room for over 4 nights stay.
In case of an individual private room use, there is a cleaning card given at check-in for the notification. When you need the cleaning, please put the card into the pocket on the room door. We will explain you about this with details at check-in.

Is is furnished? Is there some amenity?

For your comfortable stay, we prepare furniture, amenity or bed etc.
Please check “Facility”for details.

Can we leave our luggage before check-in & after check-out?

We can keep it at Kyo-Yado – Roman-Kan. Please ask at reception.

Can we rent a bike?

Property rental use: 2 free bikes available. We need additional fee from third bike.
Individual private room use: 600 yen/bike for a day. Please ask us for it at reception, Roman-kan, if needed.

Can we borrow kimonos?

Yes, you can.
Rate is as below:
2300 yen/person for only taking photos
6000yen/person for going out

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